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Calling all dog lovers! If you've been following us for even a short while, you'll know that we adore our furry family members, which is why we're committed to supporting Ottawa Dog Rescue.

If you want to know why we support Ottawa Dog Rescue and why/how you should too — keep reading!


Since 2013, Ottawa Dog Rescue (or ODR) has been committed to saving pups from abusive, dangerous, or neglectful situations and placing them in loving forever homes. The rescue also works with shelters to save pups at risk of being euthanized, and runs an owner-surrender program. Through the ODR’s efforts, they've saved the lives of over 1320 dogs. 

The rescue welcomes doggos of any breed, size, and situation. Before heading to their forever homes, pups are placed with a loving foster. A vet also sees them to ensure that they're up-to-date on vaccines, spayed/neutered if they're of age, and that any ongoing health concerns are under control.

ODR is a non-profit rescue, which means that every dollar they make goes back to helping doggos in need. Every person who gives their time to the rescue does so out of a genuine desire to help our furry friends find loving homes, and to educate the public on responsible pet ownership.

Want to help save dogs' lives? Here are six excellent ways you can support Ottawa Dog Rescue!

  • You read that right! By supporting us, you're supporting ODR! For every newsletter sign-up or purchase, we donate $1 to the rescue. To date, we've donated $550, and we can't wait to contribute more. If you're looking for an easy way to support ODR, make sure you sign up for our newsletter by scrolling to the bottom of the page and entering your email in the box below.

  • Ottawa Dog Rescue always gratefully accepts donations! They currently run a virtual foster program that allows you to donate a monthly fee, which helps offset foster-related costs. If you'd prefer, you also have the option of providing a one-time donation.

  • Over the years, ODR has run various events to help raise money for the rescue and to promote awareness in the community. Although COVID-19 has put a damper on some of the usual programs, there are still lots of ways you can participate! For example, the rescue recently ran Puppy Yoga, and they have been known to host trivia nights, silent auctions, and bake sales. If you'd like to meet some of the pups in their care, ODR also regularly hosts adoption days and Starbucks days, where fosters bring dogs to a predetermined spot and let you meet them for yourself.

    To keep up to date on events, make sure you follow their Facebook event page.

  • ODR is 100% volunteer-run, which means they rely on community members to spend whatever free time they have helping to support the rescue. Volunteering is a great way to help pups in need, while also meeting other like-minded people. Volunteers with a wide variety of skills are needed to help with everything from running events to creating newsletters. Any experience you gain while volunteering can also be added to your resume for future work opportunities.

    If you're interested in volunteering, check out their volunteer page

  • Dog fosters save lives every single day. Every pup in a loving foster home is one that's not taking up space in already crowded shelters. ODR is 100% foster-based, so they rely entirely on members in the community to share their homes with a furry friend.

    Fosters get the chance to know the personality and quirks of each doggo living in their home and help work with them on house training, proper leash etiquette, separation anxiety, or any other skill they might need to learn. Fosters give pups a much better chance at finding a home that is well-suited for everyone.

    If you can't commit to a furry family member long-term, or if you want to help out dogs in need, you could apply to be a foster!

  • Over the last year and a half, we’ve had to step back from many activities that took us out of our homes. However, many of us have actually found that we’ve appreciated the time we've had to reevaluate what’s important to us. For some, that means we've finally had the opportunity to commit to adopting a furry family member!

    When you adopt from a rescue, you are not only providing a loving home for your pup, but you're also saving the lives of others by opening up space for one that might need it.

    ODR regularly posts available dogs on their Facebook and Website. If you think one might be the right addition to your family, you can apply. Applications are thorough to ensure that you're matched with the perfect doggo for your family.

    If you're as passionate about saving pups’ lives as we are, share this post with your friends to let them know how they too can support Ottawa Dog Rescue!