Coming up on a year living in a world where masks and social distancing have become the norm, we felt compelled to highlight the silver linings of this horrible virus. To be clear, COVID-19 has taken so much from us but with any bad situation, there are small slivers of clarity and hope that give us reason to smile and forge ahead.

Let’s take a second and talk about what good has come from this crazy year, because we are fuelled by positivity and try to surround ourselves with it in every element of our lives.

TIME - Time is a funny thing because we are in complete control of our own time, but we give it away so frivolously and then struggle with the consequences. Parties, concerts, shopping, festivals, birthday’s, weddings seemed to fill our every spare moment in years gone by and while they are all so much fun, perhaps our inability to say no has led to an undiagnosed overdose on activities. Being forbidden from doing all of these things has given us what we all longed for, it has given us time.

SELF CARE - This year has provided us the opportunity to deeply consider many important elements of our lives. Things like our relationships, our health, our careers and our dreams and aspirations. It’s like we are waking up and blinking our eyes clear and see that we can make choices that serve US and not everyone else. It’s time to start stepping back from friends that drain our energy, time to start spending more time outside, time to start thinking of devoting our lives to something that is fulfilling and to start dreaming and aspiring for all that we deserve.

CONSUMPTION - The movement to buy quality over quantity is a game changer for our mental well being and our planet’s long term survival and it has been brought to the forefront of everyone’s minds because of this pandemic. Our consumerist mentality has been out of control for years now and maybe a shock to the system is what we all needed to kick this awful habit.  We are ruining our planet with our over-consumption and it seems that Mother Nature has had enough. There are very few things that we actually need in life and once you hone in on those, there is a startling clarity. Let’s all continue to only buy what we need and buy things that will last for years to come.

COMMUNITY - This is a biggie and it touches on so many different aspects. Community is about supporting those who need it and deserve it. This can be your local mom + pop shop, a family that is struggling, or a cause that needs your passion. Community is our planet, it’s our country, it’s our neighbourhood and it’s our home. It is all of these things and we are in a unique position to make intentional decisions to support and make change.

POLLUTION -  Did anyone else notice that there were more butterflies this year, more bees and more birds? Would it be much of a stretch to attribute their flourishing with less pollution in the skies caused by people jet setting all over the globe and taking trip after trip into malls? Our planet is breathing easier right now because of COVID-19, it is filling it’s lungs and all of it’s ecosystems are starting to reboot. Think about that for a second and you’ll realize that is the biggest reward for our sacrifice and that we need to keep ourselves in check moving forward.

We hope that you have all found your own silver linings in this crazy time and wish for our global community that we approach the upcoming year with tenacity and a clear vision of the type of world we want to live in.