As a Certified Mindfulness Coach, I help women find, honour, and listen to their inner voice of authenticity through greater consciousness. As a result, they feel more empowered and present, landing/choosing/taking action from a place of love vs fear.

Mindfulness to me is not a trendy buzz word, it is a lifestyle choice. It’s a way of living on purpose with purpose. You become more present each and everyday, and consequently you are able to witness your human experience more intimately. Tending and befriending to your mind/body/spirit.

Mindfulness creates space.
Space creates breath.
Breath creates safety.
Safety creates curiosity.
Curiosity creates expansion.
Expansion creates awareness.

You have more power over your mindset than you think. Imagine having the ability to hit a massive reset button when you felt unbalanced/uneasy/unaware. There are so many accessible mind reset tools available to you, many being free of charge. By far, my favourite is the exercise of coming back to the present moment, through deep breathing. The more you practice shifting into alignment, the more empowered and in control you will begin to feel. This will help you gain more perspective on your unique situation(s), naturally making space to sit with whatever comes up. Inner trust is built here, increasing your ability to take action from a place of ease and awareness, instead of resistance.

Can I get an inhale and an exhaaallllleeeee (ahhhh)?! Beautiful.

Everyday, we make multiple decisions at very rapid rates. Some conscious, some subconscious. From what we wear, to what we eat, to how we move, to the people we spend our time with, etc. What if you became more in tune with why you were making these choices? What would open up for you if you made more of them from a feeling of alignment? How would that broadened way of thinking add to your life?

Witnessing women find deeper connection through mindfulness, is beyond rewarding. Not only do these women live more authentically, they create a huge ripple effect through their outlets of expression (motherhood, vocation, relationships, community, etc). Which raises the bar for others to
do the same.

Wanna try it? Follow this mindfulness practice anytime you want to come back to presence.
  1. Acknowledge where your mind is. Meet yourself with compassion.
  2. Stop what you are doing, feel your feet beneath you. 
  3. If it feels safe, close your eyes. If not, find a soft focused gaze.
  4. One hand to belly, one hand to heart. Find your breath.
  5. Inhale through your nose, sigh it out through your mouth. Do it however many times you need.
  6. Return to normal breath. Inhale feel your belly rise. Exhale, belly falls. Try it 10 times. If it makes it easier to focus, count the length of your inhales, match them with the length of you exhales.
  7. Repeat “I am here. I am present.” Keep breathing.
  8. Rub your hands together in front of your face to warm them up. If it feels safe, and it is accessible in your body, place hands over your eyes. Take 3 more breaths here. Then slowly, peel your hands open to allow light to enter.
  9. Let your hands fall, and notice how the mind has slowed down into the present moment.
  10. Give thanks to your breath, body, mind, and spirit.

My mentor nails the idea of mindful living quite beautifully in this quote:
“You have the choice to make your alignment top priority, so that you can spend more minutes there each and every day. -Taryn Watts, Mind Rebel Academy.

Bobbi is a Certified Mindfulness Coach and can be found on Instagram @bobbimcdougall or on Facebook under Bobbi Mcdougall Coaching & Self-Discovery