Supporting our Canadian economy is very important to us.
When we started it was impossible to find clothing that was made right here at home. Instead it was made overseas by people in poor working conditions getting paid no where near fair working wages. We knew that we didn't want to be a part of that sad landscape and positioned Blondie to operate as the exact opposite. 
We have worked closely with our manufacturer for years now and we intimately know how they treat their employees. They are appreciated, paid fairly for their efforts and given a space to work that is safe and healthy.
We all have a choice to make when we spend our money: perpetuate the problem or nurture a solution. We encourage you to continue to seek out Canadian clothing brands to support in an effort to curb the cruelty of sweatshops all over the world.
We promise you that when you choose Blondie, you are choosing products that are designed in Canada and made in Canada. Always.