The girls challenged me to write a blog post, something that would appeal to their client base. Sounds simple, right? Truth be told, it is. You see, the typical Blondie customer fits a surprisingly specific mould. Having helped set up and tear down at shows all across Ontario, I’ve observed first hand the craziness that is Blondie - to the point where I have formed the educated opinion that you’re all very similar. Even though the clothes are incredibly versatile in both size and function, the customers are usually: 

  1) cute, but kinda awkward;

  2) ethically conscious;

  3) value minded; and

  4) the kind of girl that loves puppies, comfortable clothes and pockets.

Keeping that in mind it’s easy for a guy like me to write a blog post for such a loyal customer base. I could ramble on about the quality of the product, some new items coming out (with and without pockets!) and point you in the direction of a store near you - instead, I feel the need to share with you a bit of my world. ‘Cuz honestly, that’s what you need to hear about!

My day usually starts by the sound of Brodie packing orders - packing tape has to be by far, the most wretched noise. I swear. But that’s fine, it’s a noise I happily live with. Fast-forward to when Michelle arrives, she comes flying in here with her marshmallow looking car, loaded to her ears with fabric, tags, boxes of who knows what and a big enough bag of Spitz to get her to-and-from North Bay.

Now, this is when you’d think the real production begins. Ya know? All hands on deck, big plans for the day! Wrong. The first 1/2hr of Michelle’s arrival is spent with the two of them chasing our dog Keeper around the basement and laughing until one or both of them cries, including Keeper.

Then it’s time for a snack - cheese and crackers of course.

Alright. Played with the dog, had a snack, time to make like a bunny and hop to it! [Insert packing tape noise again, ugh]. I’ll give them credit, they’ll “work” for a solid hour contacting wholesalers, shipping some orders and even look at numbers and stuff. Now we move into snack number two - and the debate that comes with it. Crackers and cheese again? Mix it up and have nachos? Screw it, those are upstairs - they decide to polish off this morning's box of Wheat Thins. Onwards my friends.

The majority of the afternoon is spent with incessant laughter, filming each other talking in some strange, poorly performed Russian accents - typical work stuff. I’ll be honest though, I do think that they at least spend some time cutting, shaping and sewing fabric into some of the Blondie classics that you love. If only they’d post pictures of the rejects…which, for some reason, they feel the need to try on while make faces at each other and dancing around the basement. I wish I was lying. I’d feel a lot better if I was.

To tell you the truth, it’s all a bit shocking that these two talented and borderline childlike girls have been able to create a company with a community of customers that somehow fit into that same mould – cute, but kinda awkward.

All for now, carry on.

- Adam O'Connor