Classic East End Sweater in Green

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We have brought back our best selling sweater in new fabric and sizes!

The East End Sweater has been ever so popular from the very beginning for it's easy wear and comfort level! Many of our fans from day one own multiple East Ends (thank you ladies!!) When we decided to switch fabrics however, the sleeve didn't include as much stretch and therefore we needed to add a larger size! SO, if you've been a fan from 2014 the original One Size East End is now the S/M. M/L s a touch larger in the sleeve and a little longer in length.  

This style is slightly fitted in the sleeve and across the chest and is completely open from the edge of the under arm to the hem. Generally people wear a tank top or t-shirt underneath as well as it looks beautiful with a collared shirt! 

Fabric - 45% tencel, 30% cotton, 25% polyester - 100% Canadian Made, pre-washed fabric!

Model is wearing size S/M.

The below measurements are done laying flat without stretch. The sleeve fabric has a good amount of stretch.